Special Guest - Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey is all about family, the outdoors, hunting and living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Growing up with professional hunter and outdoor television producer, Jim Shockey, as a father, she has been part of the outdoor industry since birth.

Eva Shockey CaribouEva Shockey on Nyae NyaeEva Shockey BackpackEva Shockey Moose

With a combined passion for conservation and adventure, Eva is known as a strong, proud, female outdoorswoman and has become an influential spokesperson for hunters, appearing on national television spots, including Fox News, Fox & Friends, Fox Business and ABC Nightline. In 2015, Eva was featured alongside Miranda Lambert in the award-winning Ram Trucks commercial, "Courage is Already Inside" and also became the second woman to ever be featured on the cover of Field & Stream, only preceded by Queen Elizabeth II who was the first female to appear on the cover in 1976.

Prior to joining the outdoor industry full-time, Eva was a competitive dancer and continues to incorporate her passion for dance, fitness and nutrition into her daily life. Eva currently has more than 1.5 million followers across social media and updates her pages daily with photos and videos, highlighting her adventures, recipes, fashion and tips on living well.

Eva spends more than half the year traveling the world to hunt and co-host "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventures" on Outdoor Channel, as well as representing major companies such as Under Armour, Cabela's, Daniel Defense, Bowtech, MTN OPS and Muzzy Broadheads. In 2015, Eva married professional hockey player, Tim Brent, and has found a way to balance hunting, travel, and family into what she calls the "best lifestyle in the world”.