Mexican Whitetail Hunt

by Ed Kohler

Mexican-Whitetail-HuntEight-two degrees in January? Yep, that’s how warm it got during the afternoon of January 4, 2011. This was at the Laredo Hunting Club not far from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Dr. George Vogt runs the operation, and for a number of years has donated a whitetail hunt and other hunts to our chapter to be auctioned off. At our 2010 convention I was the successful bidder for a whitetail hunt. I left cold, snowy Central New York State on January 1 for a week’s hunt, hoping to bag one of the “monster” bucks we’ve all heard about from the Southwest. Each day I saw numerous bucks, but was holding out for the “big one.” On the last afternoon I shot a respectable eight-pointer, so “Mr. Big” lives for another year. I saw many does, turkeys, javelinas, wild pigs and doves, a huge bobcat, and large numbers of songbirds. George really treats the hunters well – great meals and comfortable rooms, along with good guides. I even took a dip in the outdoor pool! A bit chilly, but most invigorating. Hunting was done from ground blinds or tripod stands. Early morning and late afternoon proved best, largely due to the warm temperatures during midday. The stands were placed at strategic locations along paths cleared through the thick mesquite/cactus brush. All in all, it was a good experience. Give George a ring: (713) 539-9348 or