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In 2023 and 2024 through the hard work of the board and the support of our donors, members, guests, and sheep hunters around the world, we accomplished some amazing things.

GIA & Projects

Supporting Conservation Across North America

Not only did we hold the first and second Wyoming Governors Bighorn Tag raffles, but we also broke the chapter fundraising record by selling out and raising $200,000 for Sheep in Wyoming two years running! What’s more, this tag raised $305,000 at national just a few weeks later! Huge win for Wild Sheep!

How We Do It

Giving Back to Conservation

Through our Grant in Aid program and other initiatives, we have been able to put over $2,585,000 back into conservation since our inception. In 2021, these initiatives include:

GIA / Projects | ECWSF
Wilderness Stewardship Foundation

Wilderness Stewardship Foundation in British Columbia

The Wilderness Stewardship Foundation in British Columbia where we helped to fund research on the migration patterns of the Relay Creek Sheep Heard. This was a unique opportunity to Capture and Collar 15 sheep to learn more about their migratory patterns and establish a management plan for the Chilcotin Mountains and Big Creek Provincial Park, which are home to California Bighorn Sheep Herds.

Arizona Game and Fish

Arizona Game and Fish

We helped to support Arizona Game and Fish in coordination with the Arizona Desert Bighorn Society by helping to fund costs associated with hauling water to imperiled areas of drought in Region 4. This supported not only the sheep of the region but other sensitive wildlife that calls this area home.

National Bighorn Sheep Center

National Bighorn Sheep Center

We supported the National Bighorn Sheep Center by helping absorb the costs of maintenance, enhancements and operational support so the center can continue educating the nearly 13,000 people per year through listening tours, museum and virtual programming for k-12 classrooms.

British Columbia

Okanagan Region of British Colombia

We assisted in land acquisition in the Okanagan region of British Colombia. This area has seen explosive growth in land development which has been negatively impacting the wildlife habitat. The acquisition of this land helped to protect property adjacent to an existing nature preserve that is an important part of the sheep range in that region.

Alaska Professional Hunters Association

Alaska Professional Hunters Association

We helped fund legal costs to preserve non-resident hunting rights on Kodiak Island Alaska in conjunction with the Alaska Professional Hunters Association. In addition, we supported a youth shooting class for proper gun handling and safety, shooting skills, and education from some of Alaska’s best guides.

Texas A&M

Texas A&M

We supported Texan A&M’s research to collar, capture, and relocation of free-range aoudad to a field station near Van Horn, Texas. This research was desperately needed to understand if Aoudad can harbor and transmit Mycoplasma Ovipnemoniae (M-ovi) as there were proposed future transplants of –Aoudad to historic bighorn sheep range across more of Texas, Mexico, and as far north as west-central North Dakota – just 7 miles from occupied Big Horn Sheep habitat.

Camp Freedom

Camp Freedom

We contributed to our Veterans by supporting Camp Freedom where veterans, first responders, and gold star families enjoy time in the outdoors to continue healing in life’s journey. This event helps them find spiritual, physical, and mental peace that can only be afforded in time outdoors.

Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities

Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities

And for our youth, we once again supported Cameron County Outdoor Youth Activities. Who has been a perennial host of our youth event and introduces young people to the outdoor lifestyle and benefits that lifestyle can bring in their future.

Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation

Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation

Our partnership with the Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation has been one of the most impactful alliances created across the Chapter and Affiliate community. It is proof positive that when we put our heads together to raise awareness and funds for Wild Sheep, we can achieve tremendous goals! Our alliance has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Wild Sheep leading to Eastern Chapter’s first adopted herds, guzzler installations, habitat improvements, and so much more.

Texas Bighorn Society

Texas Big Horn Sheep Society

We supported the Texas Bighorn Sheep Society by funding infield testing capabilities for M-Ovi and other pathogens, leading to more timely intervention with infected animals. This is helping to limit the spread of M-Ovi in the native sheep populations in Texas.

Keystone Elk Country Alliance

Keystone Elk Country Alliance

The Keystone Elk Country Alliance has been pivotal with our annual youth event and in turn, our partnership gives back to help cover costs incurred with educating our youth about wildlife conservation and more recently committing to raise funds for a fully accessible access point to view Elk right here in Pennsylvania at the Visitor Center in Benzette Pennsylvania.

Wild Sheep Society of British Columbia

Wild Sheep Society of British Colombia

We helped fund the capture, testing, and collaring of Bighorn Sheep on the Thompson River to learn more about the cause of the population to decline from approximately 750 individuals 8 years ago to the current 350 to 375 individuals living in the Kamloops Lake and South Thompson Herds. As important is understanding while other populations along the Thompson River have remained stable while this group has diminished.

ECWSF strives to fund those Grant-In-Aid requests that are deemed worthwhile in furthering the goals of the organization. If you are interested, please download the form below.
2025 Hunting & Outdoor Expo

We Look Forward to Seeing you in Lancaster, PA!

We are excited to have our 2025 Hunting and Outdoor Expo once again! Based on the success of this past year and the positive feedback from our members and vendors, our Expo will remain at the Wyndham Lancaster Resort & Convention Center in Lancaster County, PA. Of course, admission is still FREE! We have lots of new and exciting events and donations for our 34th Annual Hunting and Outdoor Expo!


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We shall support efforts in conservation, education, and research in the cause of not only wild sheep, but all wildlife and its habitat, preserving its viability for the enjoyment of future generations.

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