About The ECWSF

The Eastern Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation is a unique chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation in that we don’t have Wild Sheep living within the borders of the states and territories that we represent. While that offers some unique challenges, it also affords us the ability to focus our fundraising dollars toward areas most in need.

About Us

Eastern Chapter of The Wild Sheep Foundation at a Glance

Throughout our history, we have partnered with the National Wild Sheep Foundation, multiple chapters, affiliates, and local initiatives to engage membership, drive interest and help support the preservation of your Wild Sheep.

Since our inception in 1990, we have proudly raised over $2,500,000 to Put and Keep Wild Sheep in the Mountain.

Why We Do It

Our Mission

Promoting the management of, and safeguarding against the extinction of all species of wild sheep native to the continent of North America.

We shall support efforts in conservation, education, and research in the cause of not only wild sheep, but all wildlife and its habitat, preserving its viability for the enjoyment of future generations.

Eastern Chapter Wild Sheep Foundation
How We Started

History of the Eastern Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation

In 1990, at the Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) Convention in Reno, a small group of WSF (formerly FNAWS) members from the northeastern states held an organizational meeting. Here the original officers and directors were appointed until an election could be held.

Early members/directors include our founder C. Reed Steinmetz of Reamstown, PA; Frank Blaha Jr. of Hopewell, VA; Ken Hess of Willow Street, PA; Wes Blakeman of Shelton, CT; and Stanley Boots of Baldwinsville, NY. Unfortunately, Reed and Frank passed away in 2008. Dr. Bruce Thatcher, Simon Aragi, Darlene Stansfield, and Gerald Moody were added as directors a short time later.

Reed Steinmetz was largely responsible for the success of the Eastern Chapter. He began his own business from the ground up and it became a very successful business. He put this same dedication and energy into his efforts to put more sheep on the mountain and grow our organization. He was an inspiration to many and put his whole heart into the things he loved and believed in. It was very important for him to assure future generations to be able to be a part of the hunting world he loved so dearly.

In 1991, the Eastern Chapter held its first annual convention at the Eden Resort in Lancaster, PA. Approximately 60 people attended and the chapter grossed $65,000.00 that first year and the chapter gained about 200 members. The convention has bounced around between the Lancaster Host Resort and the Hershey Hotel & Convention Center but has continued to draw more and more attendees and make more and more donation dollars as the years have gone by. Currently the chapter has over 500 Annual and Life Members and has been able to donate over 2.5 million dollars!

During the first four years, the majority of the office work was done at Reed’s home. When there became too much, he hired a secretary on an “as needed” basis. Sandra, Reed’s wife, was an active part of the team since day one. The chapter used to host golf tournaments and an “Adopt-A-Sheep” Program.

Since then, there has always been a full-time employee working for the chapter and many annual conventions and golf tournaments later, the chapter has continued to flourish. Reed’s dreams continue to live on as more become involved in support of his cause and the goals of the Eastern Chapter WSF.

Meet The Team

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is completely made up of Volunteers. Our members share a drive and passion for putting and keeping sheep on the mountain.

Rob Rogan
Robert Rogan | President
(203) 885-2194
Doug Bennett

Doug Bennett | Vice President
(757) 435-0782

Mike Keaty
Mike Keaty | Treasurer
(607) 972-8804
Steve Quisenberry
Steve Quisenberry | Director
(757) 646-9097
Sandra Fields

Sandra Fields | Director
(276) 701-2513

Rose Anna Moore

Rose Anna Moore | Director
(570) 787-0354

Peter Mowbray

Peter Mowbray | Director
(276) 759-4420

John Bowman
John Bowman | Director
(540) 271-2178
Dennis Fry
Dennis Fry | Director
(717) 413-5131
Peter Birchfield
Peter Burchfield | Director
(215) 882-3641

Committee Assignments

Convention Chair – Sandy Fields

2023 Hunting & Outdoor Expo

Thank You for Attending Our Expo!

We are excited to work on our 2024 Hunting and Outdoor Expo and we will release all information and details soon!

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Eastern Chapter of The Wild Sheep Foundation

We shall support efforts in conservation, education, and research in the cause of not only wild sheep, but all wildlife and its habitat, preserving its viability for the enjoyment of future generations.


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